True Premonition Story: The Voice That Saved a Child


A miracle happened on the night of my party, and it was all because of a mysterious voice.

A Party in Full Swing

On the day of my miracle, I was hosting a big cocktail party at my house. The party was in full swing when we ran out of ice. I volunteered to get more, so I grabbed my wallet and the keys to my big 4-wheel-drive vehicle and headed to the car.

My house at the time was designed for the tropics. Upstairs was enclosed living and raised about 15 feet into the air on solid beams. Underneath was concrete floors and mostly open air, the perfect spot to park my car and keep it protected from the weather.

A Mysterious Voice From Nowhere

I jumped into my car and was just about to start the engine when I heard a voice. The voice wasn’t coming from another person because I was all alone, but I heard it very clearly and firmly. The voice said, “Look behind the car.” So I got out of the car and looked underneath. There was nothing. I then walked around to the back of the car and what I saw felt like a sucker punch. I actually felt sick….

A Premonition That Became a Life-Saving Miracle

Sitting behind the vehicle and lined up perfectly with the wheel was a little boy playing quietly alone. I instantly recognized the boy, only two years old, as my friend’s son. I’d invited my friend to the party, and she must have lost sight of her little boy for a moment in the bustle of the party. He had clearly wandered away unseen.

It still gives me goosebumps to think how close we all came to tragedy that night.

I hear that mysterious voice very rarely, but when I do, I don’t hesitate. I listen. One little boy is alive because I listened.

-True miracle and premonition experience provided by Anonymous.

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