Spirit Guide Story: Whisperings of Comfort in My Darkest Hour

Spirit-Guide-Story-Whisperings-of Comfort-in-My-Darkest-Hour

In my family’s darkest hour, amidst the turmoil of 2020, a remarkable coincidence reminded me that love transcends time and space.

Tragedy During My Toughest Year

In November 2020, our world was rocked by a sudden and unexpected tragedy – the loss of my husband’s granddad, Jim. Not only was he the man who raised my husband and the only grandfather my kids knew, but we also lived on adjoining property, making the loss even more profound.

As if the heightened emotions of 2020 weren’t enough, the day my husband and I had to tell our kids about Jim’s passing was one of the worst moments of our lives.

But then something extraordinary happened….

Beyond Coincidence: My Spirit Guide

Our cat randomly leapt up and walked across our entertainment system speakers, and music suddenly started playing. The song “Whispering” by Benny Goodman floated through the speakers. In my mind, it was the most random music selection because it was something we’d never played in our house. That song shouldn’t have even been in the music queue.

But Jim was a musician and this song expressed his personality perfectly. He loved ragtime music and was always playing for us. As it turned out, “Whispering” was a song he used to play all the time when my husband was growing up.

I really believe he made himself known to us when we needed him most. He used music to cheer us up, just like he’d always done.

-True miracle and spirit guide story provided by Mel. Female. Age at the time of spirit guide encounter: 39. Location at the time of spirit guide encounter: Tennessee, USA. Religion at the time of spirit guide encounter: generally spiritual. Job/profession at the time of spirit guide encounter: artist and homeschool mom.

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