Real Angel Story: My Last Gift From Dad


What would it be like to receive a sudden message from a deceased loved one? I found out the answer to that question when I received an unexpected surprise on my phone.

Missing Dad So Much

My dad passed away over a year ago from dementia. About a week before the anniversary of his death, his absence was heavy on my heart. One day during that difficult week, a voicemail marked as “new” popped up on my phone.

A Real Miracle

As it turned out, the voicemail wasn’t new at all. As I listened to the message, I realized it was actually an old voicemail from my dad from 2019. I’d deleted the message years before.

Listening to the recording was like opening a beautiful time capsule. The message had his playful personality written all over it. The recording was a reminder of the dad I loved prior to his illness taking over!

Sadly, after I listened to the message, it disappeared. But over the next few weeks, the message would sometimes pop up again in my voicemail inbox marked as “new.”

Each time the message appeared, I felt that my dad was sending yet another reminder that he was still with me.

-True miracle and real angel encounter provided by Julie. Female. Age at the time of real angel encounter: 41. Location at the time of real angel encounter: Georgia, USA. Religion at the time of real angel encounter: Christian. Job/profession at the time of real angel encounter: marketing director.

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