True Manifesting Story: A Gift From a Stranger


On a seemingly ordinary day, I suddenly found myself in a situation where I felt hopeless and alone. Until an unexpected stranger appeared, offering a miracle.

Feeling Abandoned

At the time, I was in Delhi, India, studying to become a doctor and really struggling to make ends meet. I normally received food delivered to my room, but this particular day was a holiday, and I hadn’t been provided with any food for the entire day. Desperate, I went to the local grocery store to ask the owner if he would loan me some food that I could pay back later. Sadly, the grocery store owner refused me. My heart heavy with defeat, I asked God why I had been forgotten.

Suddenly, a mysterious stranger approached me. He asked for help in finding a small house that was near the room I was renting. Out of politeness, I agreed to show him the way to the house. As it turns out, the stranger was a friend of the man who lived at that little house. Once I got the stranger to the house, I started to walk back to my room. But the two men refused to let me go and insisted that I stay with them. I was absolutely starving at this point.

A Manifesting Miracle

A short while later, the owner of the small house brought out a big dinner. Platters were piled with handmade bread, hot vegetable dishes, and more. I was given a plate and invited to help myself to the food. As I enjoyed the food, I shed a tear. I realized that God had not forgotten me after all.

Now I completely understand the meaning of the Bible verse [John 6:35], “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”

-True miracle and manifesting experience provided by Swapan. Male. Age at the time of manifesting miracle: 30. Location at the time of manifesting miracle: Delhi, India. Job/profession at the time of manifesting miracle: medical student/intern physician.

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